• Fondo Agroalimentare Italiano holds €M 55 final close

    Sponsored by Unigrains, the Fund accompanies the development of Italian agri-food SMEs

    Six principal investments and several build-up acquisitions have already been completed

    Paris & Milan, December 16th, 2019 - Fondo Agroalimentare Italiano (« FAI ») held its final close with commitments of €M 55. Sponsored by Unigrains, the Fund's subscribers include French, Italian and Swiss institutional investors and family offices as well as several Italian entrepreneurs.

    The privileged partner of Italian agri-food entrepreneurs FAI invests in minority stakes either in growth capital transactions or in buyout transactions as a sector specialist, in the capital of Italian agri-food SMEs with sales generally between €M 10 and €M 150. These investments contribute to financing the development of companies through external or organic growth, internationalization or in the context of managerial transitions.

    Managed by a team of 3 investment professionals based in Milan and with recognized experience in the sector, FAI intervenes as a privileged partner alongside entrepreneurs, supporting them in their growth projects.

    The Fund also benefits for the sector expertise, international network and resources of Unigrains, an independent investor dedicated to the agri-food sector for more than 56 years, having supported more than 1 000 companies and with roughly 120 participations currently in its portfolio.

    A diversified portfolio of 6 promising Italian agri-food SMEs
    FAI has already mobilized more than €M 33, completing 6 principal investments:

    • Trasporti Romagna: regional transporter and logistician dedicated to the agri-food sector;
    • Sfoglia Torino: new Italian leader in savory snacking;
    • Agrimola: European leader in chestnuts and processed fruits;
    • Sinfo One: provider of IT solutions, notably for the agri-food industry;
    • Bassini 1963 - Glaxi Pane: Italian leader in frozen traditional bread products;
    • Industrial Pack: producer of packaging for the luxury and agri-food sectors.

    The Fund is expected to complete 3 to 4 additional principal investments and several opportunities are currently under review. In addition, it will continue to support the development of its portfolio companies by financing external growth operations as have already been completed for Transporti Romagna, Sfoglia Torino, Bassini 1963 - Glaxi Pane and Industrial Pack.

    Francesco Orazi, Director of Fondo Agroalimentare Italiano, declared: "We are grateful to our investors and our sponsor, Unigrains, for their trust and support. Since its constitution in 2018, FAI has established itself as a true partner for agri-food entrepreneurs and their growth projects. The six investments already completed perfectly demonstrate the pertinence of our approach focused on consolidation and strengthening Italian SMEs to create national and international leaders."

    Jean-François Laurain, CEO of Unigrains, declared: "By bringing together an active and recognized investment team, local and international investors and the sector expertise of Unigrains, FAI is ideally positioned to provide strategic and financial know-how to Italian agri-food SMEs. I am confident in the development prospects of the six companies already in portfolio and in the quality of the opportunities currently under review by the team."

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