Providing equity financing
to Italian agri-food SMEs


Acquisitions in view of sector consolidation,
rationalization and integration of the value chain;
provide support at all stages of the process
(sourcing, execution, integration...)
Organic growth

Finance development and growth including
productivity investments, opening new business
lines, R&D, recruitments...


Expand into international markets through new
investments and/or acquisitions


Facilitate shareholder restructuring, stabilization
and strengthening of capital, notably in the case of
generation changes in family owned companies

Covering the entirety
of the agri-food value chain

Upstream industries
  • Ingredients
  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Vegetables proteins
  • Animals proteins

Equipments & consumables goods
  • Farm machinery
  • Flower-growing, Fertilizers & Gardening
  • Processing & packaging equipments

Secondary processing industry
  • Bread & substitutes
  • Dairy products
  • Ready meals & fine foods
  • Nutraceutics & cosmetics
  • Wines & Spirits
  • Beverages
  • Pasta & Rice
  • Seasonings
  • Zoo technology & pet food

Downstream industries
  • Distribution
  • HoReCa & Foodservice
  • Restaurants & Caterings
  • Specialised distribution

  • Food hygiene & safety
  • Magazines & Media
  • Logistics & Transportation

An active minority partner focused
on bringing added value

  • Companies with sales between €M 10 and €M 150, incorporated and operating in Italy
  • Stakes
      • Minority stakes in growth capital transactions
      • Minority stakes in majority buyout transaction

  • Equity or quasi-equity instruments
  • Active participation in Boards and Committees