• Agrimola, the European chestnut leader, opens its capital to Fondo Agroalimentare Italiano I to accelerate its development

    Fondo Agroalimentare Italiano I will support Agrimola in seizing organic and external growth opportunities in Italy and abroad

    Casalfiumanese & Milan, September 17th, 2018 - Fondo Agroalimentare Italiano I (« FAI I ») has acquired a stake in Agrimola, the European leader in the manufacturing, processing and marketing of chestnuts and transformed fruits, alongside Luca Sassi, the company's CEO and majority shareholder.

    Founded in 1978, Agrimola leads the European fresh chestnut market. It's the ideal partner for large Italian and European supermarket chains and supplies a wide range of high quality fresh, frozen or aseptic, mainly organic fruits, to a broad base of more than 50 international distributor clients for use in marmalades, desserts, ice creams and dairy. The Group handles about 40,000 tons of fruits, half of which are chestnuts, each year, and generates sales of over €M 36, 40% of which is through exports.

    One of main Italian pure-players in fruit solutions, Agrimola's excellent competitive position stems from its privileged location in Emilia-Romagna, one of the most important agricultural regions in Italy for sourcing high quality, fresh raw materials, investments in state-of-the-art facilities and a commitment to the highest standards of food safety, manufacturing quality and certifications.

    Alongside Luca Sassi and Agrimola's strong, seasoned and experienced management team, Fondo Agroalimentare Italiano I will support the company's development through:
    • Expanding relationships with existing clients notably in B2B and internationally 
    • Innovation and the development of new, value-added products like jams, layered fruit yoghurts and baby food 
    • External growth opportunities as a platform for industry consolidation in the Italian and European fruit transformation sector 

    Luca Sassi, CEO of Agrimola, declared: "Dedicated to our sector, with a deep understanding of our industry and objectives, FAI I is a natural partner for accelerating Agrimola's development. Their expertise and networks, as well as the support and international scope of Unigrains, will be invaluable in helping us seize organic and external growth opportunities both in Italy and abroad."

    Francesco Orazi, Director of Fondo Agroalimentare Italiano I, declared: "The growth trend towards healthy foods and clean labels is driving the addition of more fruits into more recipes. The combination of excellent sourcing capabilities with the highest quality industrial processes enables Agrimola to respond to increasing client demand for organic, traceable and high-quality products."

    Agrimola is the third investment of FAI I, which recently held a €M 40 first close. FAI I and the companies it invests in benefit from the sector expertise, international network and vast resources of the Fund's sponsor, Unigrains, Europe's leading investor dedicated to the agri-foods sector for more than 55 years, having supported more than 1 000 companies and with more than 150 participations currently in its portfolio.

    In addition to Agrimola, FAI I's portfolio includes:
    Trasporti Romagna: a minority stake in the context of a family transmission buyout of a transporter and logistician dedicated to the agri-food sector with more than €M 125 in sales.
    Sfoglia Torino: a growth capital transaction to orchestrate a double build-up and create an Italian market savory snacking leader with sales of over €M 27. A fourth transaction is currently under exclusivity and is expected to be finalized soon.

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